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Win what?

So I watched a video of Rand Paul talking to Mitch McConnell, who was wearing a hot mic at the time, and at the end Paul tells McConnell that he thinks they're going to "win this", and McConnell agreed. (Link.)

Meanwhile, polling from FOX seems to be showing better news for Democrats. If you can't win a FOX poll when you're a Republican, well then... (Link.)

And you no doubt have heard about the woman who was shot after trying to ram some federal gates in DC. I'm sad for this poor woman, and for the toddler that was evidently in the car the whole time. She's been identified as Miriam Carey of Stamford, CT. The officers and Secret Service did what they had to do, of course, but I get the feeling that this is going to come out messy, and that some people are going to try and spin this against the Obama administration, which would be unfortunate. (Link.)

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